(Affiliated to Indian Olympic Association)

I) NAME : The name of the association shall be “Maharashtra Olympic Association ” (Herein after referred to as the “MAH. O. Association”)

II) JURISDICTION: The Jurisdiction of the Association shall extend over the whole of the State of Maharashtra as defined in the Indian Constitution.

III) HEADQUARTERS: The registered office of the Association shall be in the Greater Bombay City.

IV) AIMS AND OBJECTS: The aims and objects of the Association are :

(a)  To be the official Organisation in complete and sole charge of Olympic matters in the Maharashtra State.

(b)  To further the cause of the Olympic movement and of amateur sports and to guard and enforce the rules of amateurism.

(c)  To affiliate itself to the Indian Olympic Association and to enforce all rules and regulations of the I.O.A. i.e. to do every Act that may be necessary or expedient to keep the Olympic movement completely independent, autonomous and entirely free from all political, religious or commercial influence.

(d) To have full and complete jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the participation of the Maharashtra State, in the national and other games, held under the I.O.A.

(e) To organize and control in co-operation with State Sports Associations the teams will represent the Maharashtra State, in the National and other Games, held by or under the auspices of the I.O.A.

(f) To undertake with the assistance of the State Sports Associations concern the financing, management, kitting, transportation, maintenance and welfare of the teams from the Maharashtra State, taking part in the National and other games, held by or under the auspices of the I.O.A.

(g) To certify the amateur status of competitors from the Maharashtra State, taking part in such competitions as require certification.

(h)  To encourage and assist in meets between Cities, Universities, Regions, States and Indian and Foreign visiting teams.

(i)    To organize “Maharashtra State Games” as and when feasible.

(j)   To arrange for the holding of the National Games in any city of the Maharashtra State as and when considered desirable.

(k)  To stimulate the interest of the people of the Maharashtra State in the promotion of sports and games in the Olympic programme and to that end assisting for the formation of States Sports Controlling Bodies for items included in the Olympic programme.

(l)  To directly manage if necessary, any games or sports for which there is no existing recognized or affiliated Association.

(m) To be solely responsible for the Olympic Flag Day collection arrangements in the Maharashtra State.

(n) To give financial assistance as and when possible to its affiliated members in need of such help.

(o) To do all such other acts and things generally as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


  1. JURISDICTION: The jurisdiction of the Maharashtra Olympic Association shall extend over the whole of the State of Maharashtra that is over all such areas as are included from time to time by the Government in the State of Maharashtra.
  2. OFFICE: The headquarters of the Association shall be in the city of Bombay.
  3. PATRON-IN-CHIEF & PATRONS: The Governor of the State may be invited by the Council to be the Patron-in-Chief of the Association. The Chief Minister of the state may be invited by the Association to be the Patron of the Association.
  4. MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Association shall consist of :

The Maharashtra Olympic Association will affiliate and approve with the exception of the widely, played Indian Games, only such State Association, the games of which are in the approved list of the Indian Olympic Association for the Olympic Games and the approved list of the Olympic Council of Asia for the Asian Games, subject to recognition, by the General Assembly.

  1. Archery   Kayaking
  2. Athletics   Kho-Kho
  3. Badminton   Lawn Tennis
  4. Basketball   Rifle Shooting
  5. Boxing   Rowing
  6. Canoeing   Swimming
  7. Cycling   Table Tennis
  8. Football   Taekwondo
  9. Gymnastics   Volleyball
  10. Handball   Weight lifting
  11. Hockey Men   Wrestling
  12. Hockey Women   Yachting
  13. Judo   Triathlon
  14. Kabaddi


  1. Atya Patya
  2. Body Building
  3. Carrom
  4. Mullakhamb

All applications for admission as a Member of the MAH. O. Association shall only be entertained in respect of purely Amateur bodies having affiliated to them at least 5 active District Bodies for the promotion and development of the particular game or sport. The body concerned shall apply in the prescribed form Appendix ‘A’.

The application shall be accompanied by a deposit of the Entrance fee and the Annual subscription along with a true copy of the Constitution and a list of the Office bearers and members affiliated to such State body.

The election or admission of such applicants as members shall be done by the General Assembly.  If the application is not accepted the amount paid shall be returned.  In case of acceptance, the fact of such election shall be notified in writing by the Secretary General.  A copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Association will also be sent free of charge to the member.

The State Level games and/or Sports Association duly constituted and Registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950 may be admitted as Associate Members.

Such’ Associate Members’ shall have no voting right or contest for any Office of the Maharashtra Olympic Association but shall have right to  nominate a representative to attend and participate in all meetings of the General Assembly of MAH.O.A.

  1. MEMBERSHIP FEES: The Annual Membership/Renewal fee Payable in advance by a Member/Associate member to the Association shall be as under :

Admission fee—————-                            Rs. 200/-

Annual/Renewal fee                                          Rs. 250/-

Annual Associate Membership/Renewal fee    Rs.150/-

Every member shall be bound by the Memorandum and these Rules, Regulations, and Bye-laws or any future amendments thereof.

Membership fees shall be paid on or before 31st March of every year.  Defaulters shall not be entitled to attend the meetings of the General Assembly, Executive Council, and other Committees, nor shall they be permitted to participate in the National Games if held.  They will, however, be entitled for restoration of rights and privileges only on payment of the arrears of Membership fee together with a surcharge of Rs. 50/- for every year or part of a year of default.  If the renewal fee is not paid on or before the 30th June of the following year, the defaulter will automatically cease to be a member of the Maharashtra Olympic Association.

  1. FINANCIAL YEAR: The financial year of the Maharashtra Olympic Association shall be the financial year i.e. 1st April to 31st March of the following year.

The General Assembly shall consist of the Representatives of the Members of the Maharashtra Olympic Association viz. Two representatives each, of the respective affiliated body, inclusive of the elected officer bearers if any of the Executive Council.

Association shall be governed by the General Assembly who shall supervise and control the finances and Administration, of the Association which shall be vested in the said General Assembly.

  1. FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES :  The General Assembly’s  functions and duties shall be  :
  2. To formulate and enforce the policy of the Association.
  3. To carry into effect the aims and objects of the Association.
  • To hold election of the Office-bearers and Members of the Executive Council every four years in accordance with the rules of the Constitution.
  1. To admit to membership any organization eligible under the Constitution.
  2. To hold and controls the funds and other properties of the Association.
  3. To consider the Annual Report, Statement of Accounts and Budget estimates of the Association.
  • To appoint Sub-Committees as and when necessary.
  • To enforce all Rules and Regulations, of the Indian Olympic Association Olympic Association.
  1. To be the official organization in complete and sole charge of Olympic matters in the State.
  2. To certify the amateur status of Competitors from the State for the National Competitions as require such certificate.
  3. To take disciplinary action against any Member Association for mis-conduct or any other undesirable activity, bringing discredit to the State/Country.
  • To have power to frame Bye-laws and Rules which are not inconsistent with the constitution.
  • To purchase, take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire and dispose off any moveable or immoveable property or any right or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Association.
  • To hire and employ Secretaries, Clerks, Managers, Coaches, Professionals, Technical advisers, service staff as may be required from time to time by the Association and to pay them salaries, wages, gratuities and pensions.
  1. To invest the money of the Association not immediately required, in authorized securities and to vary and transpose such investments and release any of such investments and obtain payment of any moneys so invested from time to time by the General Assembly or deposited, as may be determined.
  • To sell, improve, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose off or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association whether moveable or immoveable with power especially to sell and distribute sports goods and other Stores among members and spectators and other persons, for consumption inside the permanent or any temporary premises of the Association, subject to rule.
  • To act as Trustees of any funds, trophies or other property settled or donated for the promotion and encouragement of any sport.
  • To hold elections once in four years, at the Annual General Meeting (Meeting of the General Assembly) to elect the Executive Council from amongst the Representatives of members.
  • To grant under special circumstance recognition to such National Sports and indigenous games which are widely spread and are popular in the Districts and rural areas. No membership fees will be charged to such units and they shall have no voting rights.

The Election of the Executive Council (including Office-bearers) shall be from amongst the Representative Members comprising the general Assembly.

The office-bearers viz. the President, Four Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, two Jt. Secretaries, Treasurer and eight Members, shall be elected every four years.

The election shall be held in the following manners:

At least 21 days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting (Meeting of the General Assembly) a Notice shall be send to all members entitled to vote, requesting them to submit there nominations to the Association, 10 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting at which the Election is to be held.

The Affiliated members, who are entitled to vote may send their nomination papers, nominating not more than two persons who shall both be bonafide members of their nominating body.

The nomination papers must be accompanied by a letter signed by the President or Secretary, authorizing their nominations. Such Nominated persons must signify their assent on the nomination paper, that if elected, they are willing to serve on Executive Council. Such nominated persons shall be citizens of India and men of good standing, sound, Judgement and independent mind with a knowledge of and belief in Olympic principles. They must be amateurs according to the rules / off International Olympic Committee.

If nominations are received for election of the same person for more than one position such nominations shall be considered null and void.

The Executive Council after scrutinizing the nominations received shall prepared numbered voting papers and shall issue on such voting papers to each voter who is personally present at the annual general meeting and who is entitled to vote.

The list showing the names of the Candidates shall also be exhibited on the Notice Board of the Association at least three days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

The issue of voting paper shall begin an hour before the time fixed for the meeting.  The persons entitled to vote shall do so by placing a cross (x) against the name of the candidate for whom he desires to vote.  He shall not place a cross against more names than the number of office-bearers and members to be elected.  He shall not give more than one vote to any one candidate.  The voting paper shall be invalidated if the number of votes cast is more than the number required.  The voting paper shall not be signed by the voter.

In the event of default of any of the above conditions by the voter or if there by any erasures obliterations or alterations on the voting papers, the scrutinisers shall reject such a voting papers.  The voter shall deposit his voting paper in the Ballot Box which shall be closed by the Chairman as soon as the meeting begins and of which he shall give due warning.

The General Assembly shall appoint three scrutinisers at the meeting.  The scrutinisers shall make their report to the Chairman who will announce the names of successful candidates without disclosing the number of votes received by each.

In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall exercise his casting vote without disclosing the name of the unsuccessful candidate.

The voting papers shall be destroyed  by the  scrutinisers after the Chairman has declared the result of the elections.

In the event of an insufficient number of nominations having been received, the persons whose valid nominations have been received shall be considered to have been ipso facto elected and the deficiency shall be made up by election at the Annual General meeting by voters from nominations proposed and seconded at the meeting.

For such a nomination, a Candidate must be present at the meeting, or his written consent to serve on the Council shall be submitted by the member proposing the candidature.


The management of the MAH.O. Association shall vest in an Executive Council elected and nominated by the General Assembly at its first meeting from amongst the nominees of the affiliated bodies.

The Executive Council shall consist of :

  1. A President
  2. Four Vice-Presidents
  • A Secretary General
  1. Two Jt. Secretaries
  2. One Honorary Treasurer
  3. Eight members.

The Executive Council shall subject to the Supervision and control of the General Assembly, have control of the finances of the Association within the limits of the Budget.  They shall prepare for submission to the General Assembly the Annual Budget and the Statement of Accounts.

Subject to the general control of the General Assembly, the Council shall have the general management of the property of the Association and shall also have the power to enforce the Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws of the Association and shall have power from time to time to make, vary and rescind such Bye-laws not inconsistent with the Rules and Regulations of the Association as they may be considered necessary for the internal management and well being of the Association.

They shall subject to similar control, have power to engage and appoint the Association Officers and Staff and such establishment as they may consider necessary for the Association and to dismiss, reduce of alter the same from time to time; they shall determine the scale of charges to be paid for the supplies and for sports and games and the like, they shall make provision for and carry out the improvement, maintenance, upkeep, repair and renewal (as the case may be ) of the lands, buildings and property of the Association for the time being ; and they shall also have such powers as may from time to time be delegated to them by the General Assembly or may be vested in them by the Rules, Regulations or Bye-laws of the Association, for the time being.

The Executive Council may appoint Sub-Committees for any purpose and may delegate to them such powers as they may think fit to prescribe in the terms of reference.  Such Sub-Committees may comprise persons who are not members of the Executive Council.

All Office-bearers and Members  of the various Sub-Committees shall continue to hold office and serve on the Committees till such time as their successors are duly appointed, elected or nominated.


The Executive Council shall meet at least twice a year and often if necessary.  Seven members shall form a quorum.

At least ten days notice shall be given to members of every meeting of the Executive Council provided that an Emergency Meeting of the Council may be held giving a three days notice.

Every member will be deemed to have received the notice in the ordinary course, if it is posted in time under certificate of posting to the member’s last known registered address.

All questions shall be decided by show of hands and in case of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


The President shall be the head of the Maharashtra Olympic Association and shall preside over all meetings of the General Assembly meeting or Annual General or Special General meeting and meetings of the Executive Council. To implement the aims and objects of the Association, to ensure that the financial position of the Association is round. The president is authorized to sanction expenditure up to Rs. 5000/-. Expenditure in excess of this amount shall be sanctioned by the Executive Council. General, he shall perform such duties as appertain to the office of the President. In case of a tie we shall have a casting vote.


In the absence of or inability of the President with the concurrence of the Members of the Executive Council one of the Vice-Presidents shall preside over the meetings.  In the event of prolonged absence of the President he shall nominate one of the Vice-President to take over the duties and responsibilities of the President.  In the absence of the President and Vice-Presidents, the member present shall elect one of their members present to be the Chairman of the meeting.


Subject to the general control of the Executive Council, the Secretary General shall be in charge of the day to day administration of the Association and shall transact all official business in accordance with the decisions of the Executive Council.  He shall be responsible for calling meetings of the Executive Council as per rules and implement their decisions.

He shall carry out all correspondence in the name of the Association save as otherwise directed by the President.  He shall keep and maintain the Minutes of all meetings of the Association, the Register of Members and all such records as may be necessary for the smooth and efficient working of the Association. He shall also be responsible for the maintenance of the properties (moveable and immovable) of the Association.  He shall prepare and submit the Annual Report to the General Assembly at an Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The Secretary General shall ensure that the Accounts of the Association have been regularly audited.  The Financial power of the Secretary General are restricted to sanctioning of Rs. 2000/-.  Any expenditure exceeding the said amount shall require the previous sanction of the President or the Executive Council.


The Joint Secretaries subject to the control of the Secretary General, the Executive Council , shall perform such duties as may be assigned to them from time to time.  They shall help the Secretary General in each and every matter of the Association.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Association, pay bills approved by the Executive Council or certified by the President or Secretary General unless the amount of a bill exceeds the budgeted amount in which case the excess amount must have the sanction of the Executive Council before it is paid.  He shall maintain the books of accounts and submit half-yearly Statement of Account to the executive Council.  He shall also maintain an inventory of the Association’s property and submit the same along with the audited Accounts.

The Treasurer shall not keep with him any amount exceeding Rs.1000/- but shall deposit the same, within one week of its receipts, in a Bank approved by the Executive Council.  All receipts shall be signed by him.


There shall be one or more PAID ASSISTANT SECRETARIES for the Association to look after the day to day administration of MAH.O.A. Secretariat under the guidance and supervision of the Secretary General.  The financial powers of the PAID ASSISTANT SECRETARY will be restricted to sanction of Rs.500/- for any one item.

  1. TENURE OF POSTS :  An Office bearer and Members of the Ex. Council may hold office as such for one term or more of 4 years and will be eligible for re-election for a like term or

An individual elected as an Office-bearer, including Executive Council member, on the basis of accredition by a Member Association will be permitted to complete his tenure of post, even if the concerned member Association withdraws the accredition given to the individual earlier at a later date.

  2. No office-bearer of affiliated member Association shall be eligible to be the office-bearer simultaneously of any other State Association excepting the Maharashtra Olympic Association.
  1. If a member absents himself / herself from three consecutive meetings of the Executive Council without a just cause or without the leave of absence of the Executive Council, the member would be deemed as removed from his or her office.
  2. CASUAL VACANCIES:  Any Casual vacancy in the appointment of the President or other Office-bearers and Members may be filled by the Executive Council from amongst its members to be ratified by the General Assembly at its next meeting.
  2. The Annual General Meeting (also known as Annual Meeting of the General Assembly shall be held in the month of July every year at a place and date and time to be decided upon by the President.  As far as possible the meetings shall be held by rotation at different places.

i)Confirmation of the minutes of the last Annual General or Special General meeting, a copy of the said Minutes as approved by the Executive Council having been circulated to the members not later than three months from the date of holding the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, as the case may be.

ii)Adoption of the Annual Report and the Audited Statements of Account and the Balance Sheet.

iii) Quadrennial Election of the President, Office-bearers and Members of the Executive Council as provided for by the Rules.

iv)Appointment of Auditors and fixation of their remuneration.

v)Appointment of Honorary Legal Advisor.

vi)Other items on the agenda of which due notice has been given.

vii)Any other business which the Chairman may permit.


The President or the Executive Council may call a Special General Meeting on his or its own initiative or on a requisition in writing to the Secretary General signed by not less than 15 members or at least one-third of the number of members then on the Association’s roll, whichever is less, specifying the particular object for which it is called.  Such meeting shall be convened within one month of the receipt of such requisition and atleast seven day’s notice shall be given to every member.

At such meeting no proposition shall be considered except that relating to the particular object for which the meeting is convened.

If within 15 minutes of the time fixed for the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved; in any other case it shall stand adjourned to be held half an hour later, on the same, day, at the same place, and if at this adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within 15 minutes of the time fixed for the meeting, the members present shall be a quorum and may transact the business for which the meeting was called.


Fifteen members or one-fourth of the members then on the roll, whichever is less, shall form the quorum at all General Meetings.

If within 15 minutes from the time fixed for an Annual General Meeting a quorum is not present; the meeting shall stand Adjourned to be held half an hour later, on the same day at the same place.  At such Adjourned meeting, the members present shall be a quorum and may transact the business for which the meeting was called.

  1. VOTING :
  2. At the Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, Members shall be entitled to send their two representatives who shall be members of their Association.
  3. Each Representative shall be entitled to one vote.
  4. The right of exercising the vote shall vest in accredited representatives deputed by the Members.
  5. One and the same person shall under no circumstances, be entitled to represent more than one member.
  6. Voting by Proxy shall not be allowed.

Voting if necessary shall be by show of hands.  Election of the office-bearers and Executive Council members of the Maharashtra Olympic Asson. Shall always be by secret Ballot.


The Chairman of a Meeting, may adjourn the same from time to time and place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.  Notice for such adjourned meeting may or may not be given to members as may be decided at the meeting.


The Banking Account of the Association shall be maintained in such Scheduled of Nationalised Bank or Banks as may be approved by the Executive Council, in the name of the Association and shall be jointly operated upon by the Hon. Treasurer and the President or the Hon. Treasurer and the Secretary General.

  1. AUDIT :

Every year the accounts of the Association shall be examined and the correctness ascertained by a recognized, qualified Auditor or Auditors duly appointed.


Notice of any Motion to be brought forward before Annual General Meeting by a Member shall be sent in writing to the Secretary General before 1st March.  The Council shall include it in the Agends of the next Annual General Meeting with their recommendations thereon, if any.


Any member having any complaint or suggestion to make, shall do so in writing and address the same to the Secretary General, who shall place it before the next Meeting of the Executive Council.


Any Member of the Association shall have the right to inspect any record of the Association and to take copies thereof on an advance payment of Rs.10/- per inspection of the document.

Such inspection and taking of copies shall be allowed in the office of the Association only.  Members of the Executive Council shall not be required to make any payment for such inspection.


Any member or body of members in office shall vacate the same when a ‘No Confidence Motion’ is carried by a majority of atleast two-thirds of the members present and voted for at a General Assembly meeting.


The interpretation of the Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws and the Constitution, construction and effect, rest with the Executive Council and any ruling given by the Council shall be final and binding on all members.


These Rules and Regulations may be repeated, altered, added to or amended, by a resolution at an Annual or a Special General Meeting, provided that two-thirds of the representatives present and entitled to vote at the Meeting, vote for the same and provided that the proposed changes are on the Agenda of the Meeting.


If upon dissolution of the Association there shall remain after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the Association but shall be given to some other Institution or Institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Association as may be determined by the members of the Association at or before the time of dissolution.


Unless otherwise indicated by the context  :

  1. The “State” means Maharashtra State.
  1. The “Association” means the Maharashtra Olympic Association also referred to as MAH.O.A.
  • The “Constitution” means the Constitution of the Maharashtra Olympic Association.
  1. The “Council” means the Executive Council of the Maharashtra Olympic Association.
  1. The “Member” means a Member of the Maharashtra Olympic Association also known as MAH.O.A.
  1. The “General Assembly” means and includes the Representatives deputed by the member Association in accordance with the Rules hereafter contained.
  • The words importing the singular number include the plural and vice-versa.
  • The words importing the masculine gender include the feminine gender and vice-versa.
  1. AMATEUR : An Amateur is one who competes for the love of sports and as a means of recreation, without any motive of securing any material gain or pecuniary reward from such Competition.  The Eligibility will be governed by the fundamental rules of the International Olympic Association.


  • Violation of the existing Rules cannot be excused on grounds of ignorance of the said rules.
  • Whoever incites a Member unit to commit an infraction or aids and abets the said unit’s infraction shall be sanctioned in the same manner as the unit which commits the infraction.
  • All units of the MAH.O.A. shall undertake to supply to the MAH.O.A. copy of their respective Statues, Constitution and Rules and Regulations, a list of their respective accredited Member units and their Office-bearers and Members, a copy of Annual Report, Annual Balance-Sheet and audited Statement of Accounts and a report of their activities duly approved by their General Body within six months of the closing of the financial year along with a calendar for the ensuing year. Failure to supply this information within the stipulated period will constitute a breach of this rule and may render the defaulting unit to disciplinary action under these rules.
  • All Sports Associations affiliated to the MAH.O.A. shall include in their Constitution a provision that the Association would have all unresolved disputes settled by the MAH.O.A. under the Arbitration Act.1940.
  • Every member shall be deemed to continue its membership of the MAH.O.A. on the specific condition that it voluntarily surrenders its right of seeking redress in any Court of Law.
  • All unresolved disputes arising within the State Sports / Associations / affiliated to the MAH.O.A. shall be referred by associations to the MAH.O.A. for settlement by the MAH.O.A. under the Arbitration Act 1940. For this purpose, the MAH.O.A. shall elect a panel of Arbitration to be decided by the MAH.O.A. General Assembly at their Annual General Meeting, out of whom parties to the disputes in a State Federation/Association will select one arbitrator each and the third Arbitrator out of the said panel will be mutually agreed upon by the two Arbitrators.  The Arbitration proceedings shall be completed within the period specified under the Arbitration Act or within the time extended by the Arbitrators with the consent of the parties.
  • In the event of a dispute within an affiliated unit of the MAH.O.A. which affects normal working of the State Unit and prevents preparation and training of the Sport/Team under the charge of the Unit for purposes of National representation competition under the aegis of the MAH.O.A. the MAH.O.A. will constitute an Ad-hoc body from within the members of the General Assembly associating such persons from outside as may be necessary, to continue with the work of preparation and training of that particular sport/team until the dispute within the Unit is resolved.
  • All disputes between State Sports & Games Associations and the MAH.O.A. within the MAH.O.A. itself will be dealt with in the same manner as laid down in ( c) above.
  1. DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE: The MAH.O.A. will appoint a Disciplinary Committee from among the members of the Executive Council, not exceeding three, to deal with all matters pertaining to disciplinary regulations and the Committee will submit its report or findings to the Executive Council. The decision of the Executive Council will be put up for ratification of the General Assembly.

THE MAH.O.A. Member Units are liable to the following disciplinary sanctions:

  • Warnings
  • Caution
  • Suspension for a specified period of time.
  • Expulsion from the MAH.O.A.
  1. The MAH.O.A. will ensure that :
  • Each State Sports/Association in its particular field of specilisation has been appointed or would appoint a National Coach who possesses a valid coaching diploma.  Prior approval of the M.S. Sports Council would be necessary if the person already appointed or proposed to be appointed as a Coach does not possess requisite coaching qualifications.
  • The State Sports Associations, in their respective field of specialization; have been holding or would held, where feasible, not less than two competitions annually for specified age groups at the Junior and Sub-Junior levels. These competitions should be organized through Inter-District competitions in the State, leading to the competition at the National level.
  • The membership of the State Sports Associations, within their particular fields of specialisation, is confined to the State, and such members will have the right to vote in any of Federations /Associations meetings.

(b)  State Sports/Association shall affiliate a Sports Unit of any Dist/Department that has not been recognized by the M.S.S. Council.

(c)  The Association may sue or be sued in the name of the Secretary General.  A law suit can only be filed at Bombay the head-quarters of the MAH.O.A.

(d)The Provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 will apply to the Association.

(e)In all matters relating to the interpretation and application of the Constitution as well as in matters not specifically provided for herein, the decision of the Executive Council shall be final and binding on all concerned.

(f) No decision taken at an Annual General Meeting (also known as Meeting of the General Assembly or Meeting of the Council) shall be reopened, modified or cancelled within a period of six months thereof.

(g)The Executive Council, may at its discretion, frame Bye-laws not inconsistent with or contrary to this Constitution, for the proper and efficient administration of the Association.

(h) The MAH.O.A. shall be guided by the Statutes. Rules, Regulations, Bye-laws, directions and instructions issued from time to time by the I.O.A.